Cabin Ustaoset by architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus

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A few years back, I took the train from Oslo to Bergen in Norway. It is a fabulous ride in rugged landscapes, across mountains and snowy plateaus, next to lakes and glaciers, through tunnels carved out of the rock, and at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level.

It is in this spectacular landscape that you’ll find cabin Ustaoset by architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus. Building this 72 sqm retreat required the materials to be transported by helicopter and snow scooters, as there are no roads in the area. The place can only be reached by foot, so the owners need good hiking shoes to visit their remote getaway!

Designed with the elements in mind, the oversized eaves keep frost and snow away from the windows during winter. The cabin is made of pine wood, inside and out, with abundant fenestration to enjoy the warmth from the sun and the amazing views of the surroundings. It was built entirely by hand, including the foundations, to minimize the impact on the environment.

Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-09Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-07Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-04Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-03Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-08Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-14 Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-06 Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-11Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-01Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-15Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-05 Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-12 Cabin-Ustaoset-by-architect-Jon-Danielsen-Aarhus-13

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Photos: Knut Bry via Gessato 


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  1. Adam
    29 Mar 2017 / 18:55

    Denmark is beautiful and that property has an excellent location. How very lucky he is.

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