Great News For Fans of Bjørn Wiinblad

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Ceramist Bjørn Wiinblad is known for its imaginative and fun style featuring female characters. He is said to account for one of the most colourful chapters in the Danish art and design history. Rosendahl Design Group has resurrected the work of this exuberant, multi-talented artist with a modern collection doing justice to Wiinblad’s universe and intricate designs.

The new collection includes mugs, bowls, flower pots and vases, cutting boards, candlesticks, cake tins and trays – All available in six colours that can be mixed and matched beautifully (including Wiinblad’s signature color, blue). Perfect for nostalgic collectors and new generations alike.

Photos: via Lillenord

Bjorn-Wiinblad-01 Bjorn-Wiinblad-03 Bjorn-Wiinblad-04 Bjorn-Wiinblad-05 Bjorn-Wiinblad-06 Bjorn-Wiinblad-07 Bjorn-Wiinblad-08 Bjorn-Wiinblad-09


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