Beautiful Simplicity in Gothenburg

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This lovely apartment in Gothenburg is a compact and functional home of 37 square meters. It i tastefully decorated, with a stylish and refined look. I love the grey shade on the wall, with the white elements that brighten up the space, as well as the soothing and serene atmosphere.

See the tour below.


Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-01 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-02 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-03 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-04 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-05 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-06 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-07 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-08 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-09 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-10 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-11 Beautiful-simplicity-in-Gothenburg-12


Photos: Kvarteret Makleri



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  1. 16 Apr 2016 / 10:44

    Very cool design!

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