8 Great Scandinavian Coffee Table Books I Recommend

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Great coffee table books are decorative and interesting – Perfect to dress up your living room and to flip through from times to times. Inspiring, timeless and eye-catching, one can never have too many books!

Here’s my selection of 8 beautiful Scandinavian books about landscapes, cooking, interiors and design.

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1. New Nordic Design, Dorothea Gundtoft | 2. Nordic Designers, David Sokol | 3. Primordial Landscapes: Iceland Revealed, Feodor Pitcairn and Ari Trausti Gundmundsson | 4. Finn Juhl and his House, Per H. Hansen | 5. Move and Work, Malene Birger | 6. Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food and People, Magnus Nilsson | 7. The Weather Diaries: The Nordic Fashion Biennale, Cooper & Gorfer | 8. The Nordic Cook Book, Magnus Nilsson


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