The Beautiful Home of Swedish Interior Design Blogger Ulrika Randel

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I have some great eye candy for you today!

As I was building an archive page for the Insiders Club, I came across this beautiful home. And, although it was first featured in 2015, I still love the place’s bright, warm and Scandinavian look – And I am sure you will too! So why not revisit this gorgeous apartment?

This is the home of Ulrika Randel, who pens the interior design blog Seventeendoors. There are a lot of personal touches that add interest and character to the interior. It is refined, yet cozy, with a great mix of vintage and modern design pieces. Lovely!



Styling: Pella Hedeby
Photos: Kristofer Johnsson




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  1. 25 Apr 2023 / 14:01

    Love your guy’s taste. The colours of this house complement each other so well. The modern rocking chair in the living room is now on my list.

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