The Beautiful Home of Interior Stylist Cille Grut

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Danish interior Stylist Cille Grut used a mix of different shades of gray and beige for her family home in Taarbæk, north of Copenhagen. The result is a harmonious, chic and contemporary interior with a moody but warm vibe. It is stunning, and many pics below are definitely going to my own personal archive for future reference!

The house was built in 1875, and many architectural features were preserved and understandably so! I mean, look at all that original plasterwork – Amazing! What a fantastic home.

Cille also decorated with many iconic designs, such as PK22 chairs by Fritz Hansen, a Beetle chair and a Bestlite table lamp by Gubi, Montana’s storage systems, and more. Timeless classics!


The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-01 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-02 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-03 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-04 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-05 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-06 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-07 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-08 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-09 The-Beautiful-Home-of-Interior-Stylist-Cille-Grut-10


Photos: Chris Tonnesen for Elle


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  1. 12 Jan 2017 / 10:53 am

    I LOVE the flooring!

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