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Bantie is a Swedish design company believing that “design can make a positive difference to the way people feel (and maybe even the way they behave!)”. The patterns are definitely unique and original, and will jazz up any interior. Their goal is to “make art you can live with, art you even want to play with.” Bantie has trays, table mats and cushions, bags and pouches, wallpaper, etc. They also make fabrics by the meter.

“To be original in a very crowded world takes courage, intelligence and insight. We offer our own work in the knowledge that the final ‘originality’ comes from our clients; each of you is unique and each of you will use Bantie fabrics, papers or objects in your own particular way. We love what we do, but most of all, we love to see what you do with it!” – Bantie

Bantie’s first collection of original, patterned textiles for the home and was launched in 2007 and designed Ulrika Gyllstad and Wilhelmina Wiese. Everything they produce is designed and crafted in Sweden.

Check out their collection here!

Pictures: Lo Bjurulf via Agent Bauer


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