Artful Living

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This is the beautiful home of artist Evalajka, her husband John and their two daughters. The 110 m² loft-like apartment in Christianshavn, Denmark was renovated by architect Sara Camre. It mainly consists of one large, spacious and bright open space, filled with lots of art by Evalajka herself and other artists. The palette is kept rather neutral throughout the house, and colourful touches from the numerous paintings add some cheer. The style is casual, warm, personal and inviting. I’m loving it! What a lovely, creative place, don’t you think?

Artful-Living-01 Artful-Living-02 Artful-Living-03 Artful-Living-04 Artful-Living-05 Artful-Living-06 Artful-Living-07 Artful-Living-08 Artful-Living-09 Artful-Living-10

Photos: Pernille Kaalund for Femina via Automatism


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  1. susan
    3 May 2015 / 10:33

    I love it !!! Would like to see more from these artists !

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