The art of simplicity and love at first sight (bis)

, , , By Catherine

I came across a beautiful home today, my heart skipped a beat. To me, this is the art of simplicity. It is clean, luminous, elegant, contemporary, and tastefully decorated.

When I saw this place on Pinterest this morning, I fell in love. I was all happy and excited to share it with you… until I realized I already posted about it last year.  So it was love at first sight, for a second time! To my delight, I managed to find new pictures, which I am sharing with you below. I’m sure you’ll enjoy (re)discovering this apartment just like I did!

See more pics here.

Photos: Petra Bindel for Folkhem

Folkshem-Simplicity-07 Folkshem-Simplicity-02 Folkshem-Simplicity-03Folkshem-Simplicity-06Folkshem-Simplicity-01Folkshem-Simplicity-05 Folkshem-Simplicity-04


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