Affordable and Sustainable Living Solutions by MENU and CPH Container

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Design house MENU collaborated with the Danish Housing initiative to provide affordable and sustainable living solutions for over 2500 students.

Together with CPH Container, Menu developed the CPH Village project, which aims to build mobile and sustainable villages from up cycled shipping containers. The goal is to offer affordable living solutions for young people worldwide. MENU will provide interior furnishings for the concept.

The first village will be completed early 2017 in Copenhagen.

“The project caught our attention due to its shared values of ‘making design matter’. At MENU, wherever possible, we seek to support local projects and craftsmanship in order to help build local communities. Our aim with CPH Village is to grow the relationship into a long-term collaboration to demonstrate that good design can be accessible and affordable to all.” – Bjarne Hansen, MENU





From the press release:

In Copenhagen, very large and centrally located areas of land – typically abandoned industrial sites – will lay idle and undeveloped for the next 15-20 years, with a potential capacity to support 20.000 affordable homes. As Copenhagen continues to flourish as one of the world’s most desirable cities to live and study, these plots of land will provide the perfect setting, offering the 10,000 students unable to find a place to live, an opportunity to succeed. Whilst the city awaits a permanent solution, CPH Villages can provide an immediate answer to the problem at hand, creating 2.500 new homes and living spaces by 2020.


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