A Light, a Hanger and a Design Piece All Into One

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Swedish designer Ola Samuelsson of D75 illuminants recently designed HANK, a modern light perfect for those with a small living space, or those looking for a multifunctional and unusual design piece.

This clothe hanger has an integrated LED light and can be suspended from the ceiling of hallways, dressing rooms, bedrooms, etc.

“HANK was designed to improve quality of life by being a welcoming source of light and a functional piece of furniture. It can be used as a hanger displaying personal style. Pretty things look much better outside of closets and drawers, especially when they are lighted.”

HANK is Available in white, blue, grey or bare steel, all with polished brass details.

Dimensions: 31.5”(800mm), 39.4”(1000mm) and 47.2”(1200mm)

Maximum load: 52lbs(24kgs)

Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-1 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-2 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-3 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-4 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-5 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-6 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-7 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-8 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-9 Hank-Light-Hanger-Ola-Samuelsson-10

Photos: Ola Samuelsson


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