A Creative Helsinki Studio with a Gorgeous Pink Kitchen

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Take a peek inside Studio Roscoe, the workspace of a Helsinki-based stylist, designer and photographer, Riikka Kantinkoski. The minimalist space features a gorgeous color palette of white, grey, beige, blush and brown, with a hint of sage green and burgundy.

Committing to such muted pink kitchen cabinets is a bold choice that can scare off a few people – Me included! However, looking at these pictures, I suddenly wish I was more brave… With black accents, a pale, speckled stone worktop, and copper door knobs, the look is stylish and definitely cool!

Noticed the vertical pattern on the window sill? Together with the ripple-fold curtains, they add beautiful texture, depth and an interesting play of light and shadows. I’ve written a post last year about the increasing popularity of such details in interiors, if you are interested to read more about it.

If you find yourself in Finland looking for a place to hold a meeting, to do a photoshoot or to organize a workshop, this 120-square-meter studio is available to rent for your creative endeavours.



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Photos: Riikka Kantinkoski




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