A car park turned into restaurant and nightclub

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Talented Swedish designer Richard Lindvall succeeded in turning a former car park into a sleek restaurant and nightclub called Nazdrowje in Stockholm.

He was commissioned to effect the change, and a visit to some factories in Poland gave him ample inspiration (and the name, which is Polish for “cheers”) for the job. While the rawness of the garage still remains, Lindvall has added plenty of personality and a bit of much-needed comfort to a place where, after all, people are going to be eating and drinking. The dark concrete floors have a pleasant sheen and contrast nicely with the paler seating. Touches of colour and lustre come in the form of a copper fireplace and the custom made copper light installations and piping that heats the place. Vintage pendant lights from a factory in the Czech Republic and Tolix chairs add to the robust atmosphere.

Restaurang Nazdrowje
Edövägen 2
132 30 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 715 77 40

Photo: Mattias Lindbäck via WeHeart

Restaurant-Nazdrowje-7Restaurant-Nazdrowje-6 Restaurant-Nazdrowje-5 Restaurant-Nazdrowje-4 Restaurant-Nazdrowje-3 Restaurant-Nazdrowje-2 Restaurant-Nazdrowje-1 Restaurant-Nazdrowje



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