32 Fantastic Home Accessories to Buy Now for a Modern Art Déco-Inspired Style

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Seen as the epitome of luxe and glamour, the Art Déco style is one of the most influential design movements. Popular in the 1920s and 1930s, it is characterized by sculptural and geometrical shapes, decorative elements, fine craftsmanship and rich materials. Back then, interiors were be filled with glossy floors, black lacquered or mirrored cabinets, ebony veneer tables, sparkling chandelier, velvet and leather upholstery, as well as patterned wallpaper.

While the Nordic style is more about straight lines and simplicity, I’ve increasingly noticed new designs that have more embellishments, a more avant-garde look and clearly Art Déco influences. Materials like plaster, chrome, terracotta and smooth-faced stone, among others, as well as round shapes and curved edges are making a big come back. Many Scandinavian interiors that have been shared on the web lately (Nordic Design included) are a good testament to the style’s growing popularity. What started as a micro trend a few years back is now a real phenomenon.

While it is still about opulence, today’s Art Déco-inspired style is more understated and au goût du jour. Think rich velvet, touches of pink, a mix of angular shapes and curved lines, sleek metals, geometric patterns, etc. – Nothing new, I hear you say. But it’s about all of these elements combined, with a contemporary Nordic touch and a subdued palette of creamy beiges. The look is simple and elegant, with some more “out there” statement pieces, and a streamlined and modern look.

I’ve rounded up my favourite Art Déco-inspired accessories and furniture to help you bring the latest trend to your home. Add a few touches of pink and bust sculptures to the mix, and you’ve got it all right!

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Find them here:

1. Tiered-fringe cushion, H&M Home
2. Dandy sofa, Mass Productions
3. Print by Riikka Kantinkoski, The Poster Club
4. TR Bulb table lamp, Menu
5. Suede box, H&M Home
6. Troll vase, Menu
7. Fringed mirror, Ben & Aja Blanc
8. Candelabra, Menu
9. Hover bowl, Menu
10. Cobra lamp, Gubi
11. Print by Monika Petersen, The Poster Club
12. Velvet cushion, H&M Home
13. Dew Trivet, Skultuna
14. Ripple champagne glasses, Ferm Living
15. Black marble plinth, Menu
16. Beetle lounge chair, Gubi
17. Pepe marble mirror, Menu
18. Spin jar, Ferm Living
19. The Lily candleholder, Skultuna
20. Pouf, Gubi
21. Room divider, Ferm Living
22. Print by Kristina Krogh, The Poster Club
23. Glass centrepiece, AYTM
24. Bestlite lamp, Gubi
25. Scented candle, H&M Home
26. Mirror, Gubi
27. Bookend, Skultuna
28. Suede tray, Nordstjerne
29. Coral wallpaper, Ferm Living
30. Pink marble box, Nordstjerne
31. Porcelain vase, Lyngby
32. Knock out table, Friends & Founders






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