This apartment in Gothenburg was built in 1929 and designed by John Jarlén, a prominent Swedish architect at the time. Several original elements were preserved, such as the herringbone parquet floor, cast iron radiators and limestone window ledges. The place has a lovely, cozy atmosphere, and I like the mix of flea market finds and design pieces. The overall look is simple, but refined, unique and personal. Beautiful, right?

Photos: Jonas Berg via Stadshem

Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-02 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-03 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-04 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-01Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-05 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-06 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-07 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-08 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-09 Refined-and-stylish-gothenburg-apartment-10