Lovely Apartments styled by Swede Daniella Witte

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Talented stylist and photographer Daniella Witte is the creative mind behind these two lovely apartments. She truly knows how to make a space look warm, inviting and personal – She has the ability to make a space look stylish, but accessible too.

Both apartments have a neutral palette, and the white walls provide a blank canvas to Witte’s creativity. While I like them both very much, I’m tending toward apartment #2  with its slightly moodier and stronger look. What about you?

Photos: Daniella Witte via TDC

Apartment #1: 

Apartment-styled-by-Daniella-Witte-06 Apartment-styled-by-Daniella-Witte-07Apartment-styled-by-Daniella-Witte-03Apartment-styled-by-Daniella-Witte-04Apartment-styled-by-Daniella-Witte-05Apartment-styled-by-Daniella-Witte-01

Apartment #2: 


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