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Wallpapers and textiles designed by Josef Frank have long been classics in the world of decor. According to him, the same print should not be used for both carpets, wallpaper and textiles, which is why he designed a number of dedicated wallpaper prints. Sagoträdet and Söndagsmorgon, created in the 1940s, are now back in production after an extended break, while Eldblomman for the first time comes in a blue version. The new wallpaper collection was launched by Svenskt Tenn August 23.
“All prints have been carefully worked through in order to recreate some design features that had been lost and to adjust colors that had blurred over the years, trying to get as close as possible to the original designs. This is also the motive for returning to distemper printing. (Distemper printing)  adds a more vibrant feel to the prints and brings us as close to Josef Frank’s intentions that we can possibly get,” says Thommy Bindefeld, Marketing Manager, Svenskt Tenn.
About the patterns: 
Sagoträdet: This pattern ties indisputability to the Eastern tree of life that was depicted so often in Josef Frank’s textile patterns. Frank has created a sago palm tree with anemones and fantasy flowers. The small purple flowers and the green leaves blend together on a background silhouette of larger flowers and stems.
Söndagsmorgon: After equipping himself with books about herbs, flowers, flora and fauna, Josef Frank created exceptional pattern compositions. One of these patterns is “Söndagsmorgan” where Frank drew a fairytale-like collection of leaves, flowers and grasses in a pattern further strengthened by pink wood anemone.
Eldblomman: In the “Eldblomman” pattern, sturdy stems twist their way upwards entwined by a flowering climber. The thin spiral lines and small flowers provide a necessary contrast to the big and powerful details.
Josef Frank’s wallpaper add a lovely mix of bold color, rustic imagery and a masterful use of overall pattern and scale to a room. Svenskt Tenn can now offer a choice of 11 different Josef Frank wallpapers, all colors included.

Click here to view a video showing the process of creating wallpaper.

Photos: Svenskt Tenn


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