Vodka with a Pop

, , , , By Catherine

To celebrate the New Year, tonight we’ll be drinking Camitz Sparkling Vodka, a unique 100% all natural and refreshing sparkling vodka made in Sweden. We can’t wait to try it!

Plus: Look at that fantastic packaging design! So sleek!

Peter Camitz and Mattias Lindberger came up with the idea of challenging the world of vodka with a completely new product, a refined, sparkling vodka. They use high quality wheat grains from Scandinavia. The water is sourced from the renowned ice age underground springs of Töllsjö, which apparently contain the perfect balance of minerals to produce such superior Vodka.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka is 40% alc/vol and has been continuously distilled five times before its carbonation. The all natural source of carbonation is specially filtered for our use and is documented to be the cleanest gas of its kind in the world.

“Camitz Sparkling Vodka elegantly balances a natural acidity with a light sweet finish, which is then amplified by delicate sparkling bubbles that underline the outstanding character of this super premium Vodka.”

Camitz + Lindberger also sells exclusive accessories such as an ice bucket, stopper, bags, books and gift sets.

Check out their website for great cocktail ideas! Cheers!

Photos: Camitz + Lindberger