Vino Veritas Ecologic Restaurant in Oslo

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The recently opened Vino Veritas is  an ecologic restaurant specialized in organic wines and tapas of Spanish origin. It is located in Oslo, Norway, and it is part of the winery Cortijo El Cura which has its origins in Andalucia. Ecologic Spanish gastronomy is the restaurant’s focus.

The logo (and branded collateral) as well as the interior is designed by Masquespacio. The team started with white walls and light oak floor, which is representative of Scandinavian’s interiors. The beautifully combined the Nordic elements to cheerful Spanish elements: old balcony railings (typical Andalusian), baskets, blinds, handmade raffia lamps, clay tiles, etc. The result is an elegant  blend, and an inviting and warm space.

I’m loving the fresh touches of green throughout the place. The gorgeous dinning chairs are upholstered in a beautiful fabric by Kvadrat. For similar cushions, try Babasouk.

Photos: David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas

Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-01 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-02 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-03Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-04 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-10 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-09 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-08 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-07 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-06 Vino-Veritas-ecologic-restaurant-by-Masquespacio-Oslo-Norway-05


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