Trending: Vertical Patterns & Textures

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In the last couple of months I’ve noticed an increased interest for vertical patterns and textures, be they lines, folds, creases, ripples, waves, corrugations, tubes, etc. – They have always been there, so it is nothing “new” per se, but now you can see a lot of them. They have been gaining popularity lately amongst architects and designers worldwide, surely for their sculptural look and feel.

Fluted, stripped or ribbed wall panels are refined addition to a room, add texture, depth and interesting games of light. The look can also be achieved with thick curtains. I’ve created a Pinterest board dedicated to the trend with loads of pictures of amazing restaurants, hotels or residences featuring such fantastic details.

Moreover, these vertical patterns have been seen in recent products launches. I’m thinking about these tiles by the Bouroullec brothers for Mutina, the sculptural room divider Kolonn by Lisa Lindh and Klara Hedengren for Massproductions, the Enfold sideboard by Muuto, the Palais series by Asplund or the Anberly sideboard by Revised, to name a few.

I’ve selected a few images below to show you the trend in all its spendour.




What’s your take on this trend? Love it or hate it?


Photos: see my Pinterest board for sources





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