A Transformed Fishing Hut in Denmark

, , , By Catherine

This is the home of a couple determined to not raise their children in the city. They bought a former fishing hut on the coast of Denmark, and asked for the help of NORM Architects co-founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen to transform the place. It is now a cozy, family-friendly home, filled with light and carefully selected furniture. OIt also has a beautiful minimalistic style.

Photos: Marie-Claire Maison


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  1. 31 Aug 2013 / 04:03

    Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful, it makes me want to shed a tear! I can only dream that my house will look like this one day!

  2. Adam P.
    3 Sep 2013 / 07:35

    Wow, simple, functional and yet so beautiful! That light palette does not feel cold at all..it is so skillfully combined with the warm elements in the interior that it is in no way sterile. I particularly like the image of that classic old stove with the wooden logs set next to it. All those rustic pieces of furniture, like the table,stairs and the nightstand for example, are what makes this house feel like home and in combination with all the white also stylish.

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