Tour A Grand Penthouse Designed To Perfection

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Picture this: A beautifully-designed pieds-à-terre by the sea, with double-height windows and stunning views. Add handpicked and timeless furnishings, a soothing and serene vibe, a good dose of character, and you’ve got a pretty amazing home. This revamped penthouse by CJH Studio has all of this and some more.

What I love most about this project:

– The choice of colors and materials is consistent throughout the place, and consists mainly of layers of greige, with a few contrasting accents. Perfect for balance, flow, and harmony.

– Every piece of furniture and home accessories has a sculptural appeal. You don’t need much to “decorate” a home when form and function align so beautifully.

– Instead of stripping the interior completely during the renovations, the designers embraced the quirks of the place and actually made the most of them. Check out the ‘before’ picture below, showing the staircase and a part of the living room. You’ll notice the curves and floor tiles were preserved, and they are now part of a greater design scheme that makes this home the modern show stopper that it is today.


Now that you got a feel for the original 80s vibe interior of the place, you’ll only appreciate even more the magic CJH Studio created here.

Enjoy this beauty!


Photos: Cathy Schusler for CJH Studio


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    Thank you for the post. I was searching for some beautiful home designs and interior designs. Unfortunately I came across this article. It gave me some new ideas regarding the same. I will definitely use these ideas in my home. Keep posting.

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