The winner of Muuto Talent Awards

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For the third year in a row, Muuto has hosted the annual design competition for Nordic design students. This year’s winner is David Geckeler and his Nerd Chair.

David created his Nerd chair while studying at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen as part of a project exploring Danish ways of designing objects. The intuitive yet innovative design and some interesting Scandinavian references were among the jury’s primary reasons for picking Nerd.

“It’s an honor and achievement for a young designer like me to win a design award like this. The Nerd chair is my attempt to develop a current and personal attitude towards Danish design and Muuto as a leading contemporary design company seems to be a perfect match for the chair’s design” – David Geckeler

“The Nerd Chair is simple yet full of character and a very independent and unique take on an all-wood chair. The project shows both conceptual and aesthetical skills as well as strong craftsmanship. We are happy to play a part in this talented and promising start to David’s career.” – Kristian Byrge, Muuto Director

David Geckeler on new Nordic design:
To me, Nordic design is unique in terms of tradition well approved quality. It is fascinating to see how a new generation of young designers transform this heritage. A high degree of respect and appreciation towards this specific design with its traditional background is the perfect foundation to leverage Nordic design into the next generation

Psst: Caroline Olsson, featured on Nordic Design last January, won the second prize in the Muuto design competition with her Bambi Table!

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