The Home of Swedish Stylist Joanna Bagge

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This is the beautiful Gothenburg apartment of stylist Joanna Bagge. It is 68 square meters, but it looks so much bigger! Joanna’s home is airy and feels spacious, thanks to an optimized use of space and clever storage solutions. It is also decorated very well, with numerous personal touches and interesting details. There are definitely some ideas to steal!

Scroll down to see more of this inspiring space.


Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-01 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-02 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-03 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-04 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-6 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-07 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-08 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge-54 Apartment-by-Joanna-Bagge

Photo: Jonas Berg for Stadshem



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  1. 10 Nov 2015 / 00:46

    Absolutely fantastic and fresh ! Love all the details and simplicity. Great artwork combination on the wall.
    Really really nice space to live.

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