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If you’ve been reading Nordic Design for some time now, you probably know that I am a huge fan of Lotta Agaton. I’ve shared the Swedish interior designer’s work more than any other on this platform, and chances are you probably like her signature style, too.

You’ve peeked inside her home when it was all bright and airy back in 2013. You’ve also seen it when it was dark and cocoon-like a few years ago. More recently, we’ve seen a snapshot of her Stockholm residence in the New York Times (above), captured by Erik Lefvander.

No matter the look, it is always elegant and curated yet cozy, inviting and unpretentious. To me, Lotta’s style is the epitome of cool Scandi-chic.

I thought it would fun to try to recreate the look of her current home with only Ikea products, and see if I could pull it off – I love a good challenge! Plus, with the pandemic still going on, most household budgets have been impacted, and many of us don’t have a lot to spare for decoration. But I strongly believe that style isn’t something that has to have a hefty price tag and that we all deserve to have a beautiful home we love.

So if you’ve been dreaming of having an interior à la Lotta Agaton, here is your chance!

As mentioned above, the products sourced for this article are from Ikea and, therefore, most likely available around the world and in your country.

I did ‘cheat’ a little by expanding my search for a few additional accessories at HM Home, another worldwide retailer with affordable home decor.

You’ll see I occasionally had to get creative (a bar stool in lieu of a plinth – why not?), but I think the overall look works well. I hope you like it, too!

Prices below are in USD for simplicity.

The Real Deal:

The Steal:

The Shopping List:


1. Havsten in/outdoor chair ($260)

2. Ypperlig LED floor lamp ($60)

3. Söderhamn sofa in Finnsta white ($810 for a two-seater)

4. Brown chenille throw ($50)

5. Tyvelse low pile rug ($180)

6. Vittsjö coffee table ($50)

7. Sanela cushion cover in dark gray ($12)

8. Nymane LED table lamp ($55)

9. Beräkna glass vase ($6)

10. Large ceramic vase ($50)

11. Decorative bust ($35)

12. Hillared cushion cover in beige ($16)

13. Nilsolle birch bar stool ($45)

14. Skurup lamp ($35)

15. Jonaxel shelf unit ($50)

16. Annakajsa curtains in beige

17. Buskbo rattan chair ($160)

18. Velvet cushion cover in dark brown

19. Gladom side table ($20)

20. Wooden plant pot ($25)

21. Skogsviken tray ($1)

+ Rubber fig tree – A large one of about 130cm high is about $200, but any dark green plant will do. Make sure you have a black planter.

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If you’d like me to help you find an alternative product and/or a retailer near you, leave me a comment below and I’ll happily get back to you!

Photo: The home of Lotta Agaton by Erik Lefvander for The New York Times


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