The Home of Stylist Josefin Hååg is For Sale

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This is the beautiful Stockholm home of Josefin Hååg, a talented stylish and also a Residence blogger.

She shared this one-room apartment with her wife for the last 7 years. Together, they lived in a space no bigger than 20 square meters. It might be small, but it is very functional. The large window brings in a lot of natural light, making the place feel luminous and airy. Decorated with taste, the apartment is a stylish little cocoon.

It is actually for sale – Any takers?


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Home-of-Josefin-Haag-05 Home-of-Josefin-Haag-06
Home-of-Josefin-Haag-07 Home-of-Josefin-Haag-08
Home-of-Josefin-Haag-09 Home-of-Josefin-Haag-10
Home-of-Josefin-Haag-11 Home-of-Josefin-Haag-12


Josefin’s place was featured on Nordic Design in the past, have a look here to see how she style her home back in 2014.


Photos: Emily Laye via Fantastic Frank



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