The Christmas of Joanna Lavén

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Joanna Lavén is a talented prop and interior stylist from Sweden. I am a big fan of her work (and her home!), which was featured a few times on the blog. She kindly agreed to answer a few questions about how she intends to celebrate the Holidays, and what she truly wishes for this Christmas.

Q: How do you usually celebrate the holiday season?

A: At my apartment with family. We like a traditional Christmas with lots of homemade food and carefully chosen and wrapped gifts. The preparations are a big part of getting into the spirit.

Q: Christmas is not truly Christmas without….

A: Making an effort is essential, it’s all about the thought and time that everyone participating puts into the celebrations. Lots of food and a big Christmas tree is a must!

Q: How do you like to decorate your home at Christmas?

A: I like a big Christmas tree and traditional decorations, such as branches of Ilex berries and hyacinths. More is more when it comes to Christmas decorations, and lots of candles is necessary.

Q: What does the perfect Christmas tree looks like?

A: It is tall and thick, filled with lots of real candles and christmas bulbs made of glass – Mine are midnight blue and gold. I also like to tie silk bows in the tree.

Q: What is your favorite Christmas memory/tradition?

A: I really like all of the Christmas activities, from spending hours on boiling the perfect rice pudding to staying up late the night before Christmas to wrap all the gifts. Especially since our family has grown, Christmas is so magic for the girls.

Q: Which song(s) is guaranteed to be on the playlist during the Holidays?

A: Anything with Nat King Cole is perfect.

Q: Something you are definitely going to eat/cook?

A: Rice pudding and christmas ham.

Q: What’s on your wish list?


Joanna Lavén Christmas wish list


Photo in top banner: Joanna Lavén for Mood



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