Terho & Tatti Lamps by Maija Puoskari

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These lovely lamps designed by Finnish designer Maija Puoskari.

Terho is a ceiling lamp series designed for homes and public spaces. The lamps are inspired by natural and sympathetic shapes of acorns. Terho series includes two different sizes and many hat variations. Materials are opal white mouth-blown glass and Finnish alder.

Tatti (Porcino, Boletus edulis) is a cozy table lamp. There is two different hat pieces to choose from. Tatti is designed to go along with Terho lamp series.

About Maija Puoskari
Puoskari studied in Applied Art and Design at the Aalto University of Helsinki, where she graduated in 2009. She got her BA at Kuopio Academy of Design, Savonia University of Applied Sciences in 2003. Before her design studies Puoskari had already graduated as a florist. Because of her background it’s no surprise that she often draws inspiration from nature. Puoskari’s work is characterized by a strong sense of pure form mixed with functionality and precise finishing. She works widely with various design and exhibition projects. Puoskari´s tile collection for Tulikivi, the worlds largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces, was launched in 2010. Puoskari has been awarded with several grands and prizes, and her work has been shown in many national and international collection exhibitions and fairs.

Words: Courtesy of Maija Puoskari via
Photos: Chikako Harada

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