Swing Vase in New Colors

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Since the launch in 2002, Swing has become a design object that gives character to interior decoration all over the world – and a true Normann Copenhagen signature design.

This Swing series has been expanded and is now available in three new colors; orange, grey and turquoise. Influenced by the world of fashion, the three new colors are a natural extension of the series. The classic, neutral grey was inspired by the natural rawness and crudeness found in rocks and mountains. The vibrant turquoise and orange colors add contrast to the more delicate colors of the décor.

The Swing Vase is a simple and sculptural vase. Created by glassblowers, each Swing vase is unique. The fun design is a timeless work of art that honors the tradition of this ancient craft by allowing each one to be slightly different. Swing comes in 3 different sizes and 8 fashionable colors: red, green, purple, black, white, orange, grey and turquoise.

Photos: Normann Copenhagen



  1. Meghan
    1 Oct 2021 / 19:07

    Where can I buy Normann Copenhagen swing vases today?

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