Summer Dreaming with Tine K Home’s Latest Boho Collection

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Some of you probably started planning your upcoming holidays already. After all, picking a destination and preparing the trip is half the fun, right? And so is scanning through dozens (hundreds?) of Instagram posts looking for inspiration…

Whether or not you are contemplating your next escape just yet, the following pictures will surely make you long for balmy summer evenings, flip flops and rosé, long days by the pool, and al fresco dining. They are from Danish brand Tine K Home‘s latest catalog with their BOHO collection. They were shot at La Granja, Ibiza, an amazing members-only retreat (see Design Hotels™ for more information).

“With the new BOHO collection I wanted to create an experience of moving back to what it is all about, to what makes people come together, and make them think about what matters the most. By slowing down and enjoying daily life, we can preserve and cherish a down-to-earth way of living.” says Tine, Founder of Tine K Home.

Pretty inspiring!


TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-10TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-14TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-09TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-03 TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-07TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-01TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-15TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-04TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-08 TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-16TineKHome-SS17-Boho-collection-nordicdesign-11



Photos: Tine K Home



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