Stylish living at an old leather factory near Stockholm

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Back in the 19th century, this building was housing a leather factory in Nacka, near Stockholm. It was recently transformed into stylish and luxurious apartments with great views over the water. It has spacious rooms with beautiful hardwood floors, exposed beams, pipes and columns, arched windows…

When it comes to interiors, I’m a monochrome kind of girl and usually shy away from bold hues that would contrast too intensely with my serene palette. But when I look at places like this one, I have to say that bright colours are growing on me. They add so much cheer. I also really like that this interior has feminine touch with an edge – Definitely a cool vibe, too! And how amazing are the furnishings!? Stunning.

Photos: Alexander White

Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm07Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm02Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm05Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm03Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm14Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm04Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm09   Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm08Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm10Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm12Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm06Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm01Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm11Living-at-the-leather-Factory-Stockholm13



  1. alvaro
    15 Dec 2014 / 19:13

    i love the six ilustrations of the living wall. where could i find them out? thanks

  2. Cristina
    19 Jan 2015 / 04:08

    I love the reading light on the wall of the bedroom. Where could I find them ?

  3. Rachel
    4 Oct 2019 / 22:10

    I’m obsessed with that gallery wall! Where are the polaroid-esque art pieces from?

  4. Rachel
    4 Oct 2019 / 22:10

    I’m obsessed with that gallery wall! Where are the polaroid-esque art pieces from?

    • 6 Oct 2019 / 13:08

      Hi Rachel, Thanks for your comment! I am loving this look too. I don’t have the answer to your question, but I’m sure you this is an easy DIY project: A few Ribba frames from IKEA + white cardboards to create custom mats/passe-partouts + photographic art!

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