Stunning North Vancouver Home with Natural Materials and Minimal Aesthetic

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What a beautiful interior!

This 150-square-meter mid-century house is located north of Vancouver, Canada. Scott and Scott Architects had the task to renovate the place, while respecting its original details. And they succeeded!

The place feels airy and luminous, thanks to its open plan layout and large windows that allow plenty of natural light to fill the space.

Durable, natural materials such as steel, Douglas fir, concrete and solid ash were selected, creating beautiful contrasts and a timeless style.

The kitchen is rather exquisite with it 800-kg countertop carved out of a single block of marble.

Understated elegance, a warm atmosphere and a sleek, minimal style – What’s not to love?


Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-03 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-04 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-05 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-06 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-07 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-08 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-09 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-10 Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-11Scott-and-Scott-Architects-Vancouver-House-02


 Photos: Scott and Scott Architects



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