Stunning Menu Collection 2014

, , , By Catherine

I am completely in love with Menu‘s collection for 2014. The Danish company makes use of some interesting materials that, in my view, aren’t necessarily typical in Scandinavian design. Cork, rubber and felt carry some very warm, soft and cozy connotations. Menu adds a cool edge to their items by creating stark contrasts. A stunning example of this are the vases made from glass and polystone, the latter of which almost looks like faux concrete, don’t you think?

The entire collection is tactile as well as visually captivating. Menu has long focused on combining minimalism and usability, and they have again succeeded in doing so with their 2014 collection.

Photos: Menu via Coco Lapine Design

Menu-Collection-2014-2 Menu-Collection-2014-3 Menu-Collection-2014-4 Menu-Collection-2014-5 Menu-Collection-2014-6 Menu-Collection-2014-7 Menu-Collection-2014-8 Menu-Collection-2014-9 Menu-Collection-2014-1


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