Stunning Co-working Space in Copenhagen

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This is where Broste Copenhagen shot its latest collection, which was featured on Nordic Design yesterday. And it is stunning!

Nomad Workspace  is located in a former courthouse in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. It has undergone an extensive makeover, and has become a uber stylish, multi-functional workspace for creatives, freelancers and small businesses. The venue, designed by Natalia Sanchez, is filled with warm colors, furniture by Danish designers, fabulous art courtesy of Last Resort Gallery, and flowers by Poppykalas. It also has meeting rooms, a photo studio, a café and an upcoming restaurant. It is a beautiful environment with a lively atmosphere to get work done, and surely a great hub to meet interesting, like-minded professionals.

Very inspiring!


Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-01 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-02 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-03 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-04 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-05 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-06 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-07 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-08 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-09 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-10 Stunning-Co-working-Space-in-Copenhagen-11


Photos: Line Klein via Nomad






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