Stunning Apartment in Lyon by the Owners of Maison Hand

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This is the home of Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin from Maison Hand.

You might have seen a few pictures passing by on Facebook or Pinterest already, or even in a magazine – This place has been featured in the media a few months ago. I remember deciding back then not to feature it on Nordic Design, as it was much more French than Scandinavian… but I just seem to consistently come back to it when looking for inspiration! So here it is.

I can’t stop gazing into each and every photos of this interior. It is so well curated, everything looks carefully selected for the space. It is decorated with a perfect mix of antiques and design icons, with lots of art and some travel souvenirs. And the bedroom reminds me of a fancy suite of a luxurious boutique hotel.

It is fair to say that the 19th century apartment had a lot to offer right from the start, with its fantastic parquet floors, high ceilings, large windows and detailed woodwork. Nevertheless, creating a look that conveys such an understated opulence requires skills. Well done Pierre and Stéphane, well done.



Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-04 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-05 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-06 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-07
Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-08 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-09 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-10 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-11
Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-12 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-13 Stunning-Maison-Hand-in-Lyon-14


Photos: Felix Forest




  1. Sabine
    15 Nov 2016 / 12:35

    Beautiful home! Do we know where the chair in the living room is from??

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