Serene and Simple 40-Square-Meter Apartment

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This lovely 40-square-meter apartment is a nice example of how to successfully live with less: Less space, less stuff, less clutter, less hoarding… It’s all about purging and keeping only what is truly meaningful to you – Something I totally believe in. Admittedly, putting this philosophy into practice is not always easy. I’m currently reading this fantastic book about the Japanese art of tidying up and organizing, which I strongly recommend.

To come back to the house, I was seduced by its beautiful kitchen and functional layout. With its large windows, the apartment is bright and airy. The neutral color palette creates a serene atmosphere and makes the place feel more spacious. The decor is understated and simple, with only the essentials.

I dream of having such pied à terre in Copenhagen. Or somewhere warm by the sea would be nice, too… Who’s in?



Serene-and-Simple-40sqm-apartment-06Serene-and-Simple-40sqm-apartment-08Serene-and-Simple-40sqm-apartment-09 Serene-and-Simple-40sqm-apartment-10


If you like this style, you’ll be pleased with Pella Hedeby’s cottage.


Photos: Alvhem




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