Scandinavian office furniture by Skandiform

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Here are some beautiful pictures from Skandiform, one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of furniture for inspirational spaces.

Skandiform collaborates with outstanding designers from Scandinavia such as Claesson Koivistso Rune, Alexander Lervik, and Charlotte Elsner, among others, to create durable and stylish furniture for offices, airports, hotels, cafés, schools, etc.

The company is influenced by soft, natural shapes, and has a strong focus on sustainability. Its dedication to quality and good design is surely what contributed to their multiple award wins (two Red Dot Awards and a German Design Award this year). It’s a brand definitely worth discovering!

Read more about Skandiform here.

Photos: via Jelanie

Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-1-1 Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-2 Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-3  Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-5 Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-6 Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-7 Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-8 Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-9Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-11Scandinavian-office-furniture-by-Skandiform-10



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