Weekend Inspiration

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Today’s inspiration is from the beautiful portfolio of photographer Sara Landstedt. Simple, personal, gorgeous. See for yourself!

Photos: Sara Landstedt via Jelanie

Sara-Landstedt-Photography-4 Sara-Landstedt-Photography-5 Sara-Landstedt-Photography-2 Sara-Landstedt-Photography-1 Sara-Landstedt-Photography-3 Sara-Landstedt-Photography-6



  1. Emma Solveigsdotter
    7 Dec 2013 / 14:07


    I am the owner of one of the apartments above and I have to say, Johanna Pilfalk has got nothing whatsoever to do with the styling! I can also speak for my friend Lina, who’s home is also featured in the pictures above.
    I have done everything myself, together with my boyfriend. It’s our home, and I’m very sad to see others taking credit for it.

    Have a great saturday!


    • Catherine
      7 Dec 2013 / 14:21

      Hi Emma,
      Thanks for letting me know! YOU are definitely talented! I love your place :) I’ll correct the article. Have a great weekend!


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