Revisiting ‘House For Mother’ by Förstberg Ling

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We’ve presented you this project back in 2014 – “House for Mother”, located Linköping, Sweden, is part of a housing exhibition that will take place next year.

The building is now complete, and we’ve got pictures!

Designed by architect Björn Förstberg for his mother, the house has a simple, functional shape divided into two slender volumes to suit the long and thin plot it is on. The facade is clad in raw corrugated aluminum. It has a durable concrete floor, folded to a  bench along the perimeter of the building. Inside, the space is light, airy and open. The walls are covered with plywood, either left unfinished or painted white. Wooden beams and trusses remain exposed, for a more rugged look.

It has a great layout, which is perfectly functional and ideal for a small dwelling. Inspiring!


Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-01Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-02Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-03Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-04Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-05Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-06Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-07Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-11 Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-12 Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-13 Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-14Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-09Revisiting-House-For-Mother-by-Forstberg-Ling-08
Click here to view great 3D renders of the project before it was built.


Photos: Markus Linderoth via Förstberg Ling






  1. kelly
    12 Sep 2016 / 19:55

    Exceptional. Absolutely stunning.

  2. hssufnd
    25 Sep 2016 / 20:08

    how is this place heated??

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