Jarl Fernaeus

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We featured Jarl Fernaeus’s Candle Sticks a while ago, and we’ve been fans of his work ever since. We especially like his Friendly Office Lamp and his black Redux Chair (featured above). He has a strong portfolio and a vision, which is surely why he is one of Sweden’s most promising designers. We are sure you’ll be hearing his name more and more. For interested manufacturer, here is his email address: [email protected]

“I think it’s important to find the right balance of the things I produce,” says Fernaeus. “It must have a clear expression of form while being charged with energy. At the same time I want things to work together and be used in a home or office over time without users tiring of them.”

Jarl has studied art history, advertising design, design management and product design. He is a designers and art director. He owns JF Stockholm and creates design for his label Paperland. Check out his website to view his portfolio as well as fantastic photographs from Magnus Cramer.

Here is his exclusive NordicDesign profile.

Tell us more about Paperland/ Where did the idea come from:
It quite hard to get products out on the market via a big producer. The easiest way is to produce the things yourself and sell them. I also like the idea of a collection of things with a specific feel throughout the whole line. A pen and a paper is still the quickest way to visualize an idea to others. The name is a reference to that process.

Any special projects at the moment?
I currently work with an installation in a big shopping mall, but of course always working on new project for the collection and working on getting the collection more availably. Also have some interests in different product ideas and pattern design from some bigger producers.

Best thing about being a Art Director/Designer:
I have great use for my background as a graphic designer when I do product design and vice versa. It’s good to have a broad base to stand on and helps when clients have a wider design problem to solve.

You, in three words:
I’m quite stubborn… Kind and honest.

What inspires you?
Everything around me. People, things I read or see. Often I try to limit the inspiration when working on a project, set up a frame to work within.

How would you describe your style?
It’s quite straightforward and clean I suppose. But as a professional designer I often is required to find the style suitable for that special project. I also like to play around testing different expressions to see what happens.

“I’m at my most creative when…”:
I am calm and happy.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
Summer in Skåne and the skerries (skärgården) out side Stockholm.

Favorite designer/architect/artist:
Enzo Mari, Patricia Urquiola and the Bouroullec brothers.

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
Crayfish parties in August.

Favourite travel spot:
Would love to visit Ireland and Scotland and play golf there.

You, in five years:
I will have an eight year old son in 2015. Fantastic.

Best piece of advice:
Always do your best and be honest and nice.