Decorate with vintage pieces

, , , By Catherine

Who doesn’t love a touch of vintage?

Whether it is that fantastic chair from a flea market, a pouf from your grandmother, knickkncacks gathered while traveling, or other collectibles you treasures, vintage products/accessories have a story to tell – And that is what’s so great about them.

I love interiors mixing old and new elements. This eclectic and casual way of decorating adds personality to any decor, while fitting any budget! Plus: Vintage pieces rarely go out of style, and your latest fab finds won’t need to be hidden away the next season.

Here are a few tips:

  • Mix and match bedding from various eras, such as paisley quilts and chenille bedspreads.
  • Add various boudoir accessories, such as perfume bottles, silver makeup trays, strands of pearls and antique costume jewelry.
  • Swap existing appliances for vintage models from the 1940s and 1950s. Many companies reproduce these styles, however they are much more energy efficient than the original.
  • Create a wall mural of old mirrors in various shapes and sizes. This also helps reflect light in small spaces.
  • Pair a comfy new sofa with older styled chairs. Toss on a patchwork quilt as a great throw blanket.
  • If you want a modern look, go easy on the color scheme. A lot of color and wood tones gives the feeling of busyness and clutter, which strays from the modern aesthetic. Stick with one or two main colors and find ways to bring them out through accessories.

Photos: Rum ID