Prints by Studio Esinam

, , , By Erika Vierto

As a big fan of arts and prints, I really like the style of Studio Esinam, a graphic studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Studio Esinam has divided their work into three sections: stories, prints and spaces. In their first print series called Elevations they’ve tried to capture the unique feeling of different cities around the world. What a wonderful idea!

“By studying the façades, directing attention to details that mostly pass unnoticed, we hope to touch upon qualities to the architecture that contribute to the specific feeling the city imposes on you.” – Josefine Lilljegren and Sebastian Gokah from Studio Esinam.

I think these prints are perfect for decoration. Simple and timeless.
I hope they’ll soon introduce new prints depicting more cities!

Pictures: Studio Esinam via April and May Studio

Prints by Studio Esinam_2

Prints by Studio Esinam_3

Prints by Studio Esinam_4

Prints by Studio Esinam_1


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  1. 3 Jun 2014 / 20:24

    Wow, this place is all about thoughtful details – the Tokyo print in the clean and modern bedroom and the Paris print next to a bright window on a shabby wall. Fantastic.

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