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These are not new products, but there the latest things to have made it to our ‘product lust list’.

The award-winning designer Ilse Crawford has created the Precious collection for Georg Jensen. The oval-shaped Precious boxes are available in three sizes made of three different materials: solid copper, brass and stainless steel. They are designed to store the precious and everyday items in your life: watches, jewelry, keys etc. Crawford also designed a unique candle light holder and vases/jugs made of brass.

We especially love that these pieces will only get better with time. Indeed, brass is a living material, which in time will change the color of the product and add a beautiful patina.

“Using materials such as solid copper, stainless steel, brass and glass to create smooth, beautiful finishes, she creates a powerful link to our emotions and reinforces the connection between the heart, the head and the hands,” as the company describes the line.

The Precious collection is available since fall 2011.

Photos: Georg Jensen



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