POV Candle Holder from Menu

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Part of its awesome new collection, Menu will launch this beautiful candle holder created by Note Design Studio. It consists of a set of wire candle holders that look different depending on where you stand. Its name, POV, is short for “Point of View”, in reference to the filming technique of framing a shot as though through the eyes of one of the characters.

“In the movies the POV is right where the camera is aiming. The eye of the viewer. And depending on that point of view, things will change – settings, stories and the way we interpret things. Move around the POV candle holder and you will notice that your view alters the holder. From some angles it seems like a flat graphical drawing – move around it and suddenly the graphic lines floats in mid air. Shadows and shapes change, making it a fun object to interact with.” – Note Design Studio

The POV Candle Holder is a light, smart and playful product that can be used as a single piece or in a group. Beautiful on its own and stunning as graphical patterns on the wall or on the table.

Photos: Note Design Studio

POV-Candle-Holder-5 POV-Candle-Holder-4 POV-Candle-Holder-3 POV-Candle-Holder-2


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