Place & Angelo by Hallgeir Homstvedt

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Angelo is a purebred espresso cup, petite in size and with a generous rim that is friendly both to the lips and the eye. The characteristic rim offers a unique, tactile experience and further enhances the tasting experience of the coffee. Espresso has always been about quality, activity and simplicity, and true to this idea the traditional handle on a cup has been replaced with a single arm extending out from the rim.

Place is a set of trivets that is designed with as much emphasis on when they are in use as when they are not in use. Trivets are gener­ally covered up when in use or stowed away when not in use, but I wanted to design an object that can be stored in sight on the table as a sculptural piece. The linear profiles on the surface of the trivets act as cooling ribs when you place something hot on them and as a positioning guide when they are stacked. The profiles on the top and bottom of the trivets have different angles, creating an interesting graphic display when they are stacked.

About Hallgeir Homstvedt
Hallgeir Homstvedt is a product & furniture designer based in Oslo. After completing his degree in 2006 Hallgeir worked at the much celebrated design studio Norway Says for three years. In 2009 Hallgeir opened his own design studio, focusing on furniture and product design. In part of establishing an independent Studio, Hallgeir has been exhibiting in London, Tokyo, Oslo & Milan the past two years. Hallgeir is currently working with several renowned Norwegian and International furniture manufacturers. Read more here.

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  1. Gerard McGuickin
    23 Jan 2013 / 06:22

    Thanks for sharing. Very simple, functional and aesthetic design. Any espresso would love this cup.

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