These photos will make you want to travel to Scandinavia

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I just came across the work of Norwegian photographer Oivind Haug, and it gave me a serious case of wanderlust. He surely knows how to capture the breathtaking Scandinavian landscapes!

Based in Oslo, he counts several notorious clients like Condé Nast Traveller, the NY Times Magazine and Travel + Leisure, among others. Haug shoots places, people and food, and likes to work with contrast of light, colours and objects. “I want my pictures to be credible, simple and beautiful in contrast to the artificial and affected.”

I was taken by the beauty of his photographs. Looking through his portfolio, I found myself wandering in my memories of Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, the Swedish archipelago…

Take a look at some of his stunning pics below.


Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-04 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-05 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-06 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-08Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-03 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-09Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-14Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-01Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-07 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-10 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-12 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-13Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-02 Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-15Norwegian-Photographer-Oivind-Haug-11


For more beautiful pictures, you can follow Oivind on Instagram or visit his website.


Photos: Oivind Haug



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