Peek Inside A Warm, Minimal And Perfectly Balanced London Home

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NYC-based designer Charlie Ferrer is behind the warm and minimal design of the East London apartment. The brief was to create a “modern, functional, low-maintenance home that would serve as a physical and visual refuge from the busy city.”

The result is a highly curated home, with a balanced composition – Everything feels just right.

Lots of commissioned furniture blend in perfectly with vintage pieces and original art. Everything was carefully handpicked to serve a purpose, first and foremost, and the sculptural shapes add interest to the streamlined interior. A painting purchased in Madrid and ceramics found at a Paris flea market are among the details that make the look personal and lively.

The American walnut floors served as a foundation when choosing the rest of the apartment’s neutral color palette. Something worth pointing out: The walls are painted a crisp white, while trims and doors are in a (very) light grey. It is very subtle, but it’s a nice touch!

I love the simplicity and refinement of this beautiful interior. Inspiring!



Interior design: Charlie Ferrer

Photos: Michael Sinclair via Architectural Digest



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