One Must Dash

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We came across a couple of these lovely and cheerful posters on Pinterest, and we just found out that the creative minds behind it are two Swedish ladies. Together they created One Must Dash. They make quirky typographic art prints, cards and tea towels. Have a look here.

About One Must Dash:

“Two girls in a hurry making decorative things twinkly-eyed.

Isn´t friendship the most creative context of all? For us, Anneli and Anki, to be able to work together, laugh together and drink lots of coffee together is a true blessing. With One Must Dash we want to share our (odd?) kind of humour with you. Our ambition is to produce decorative things twinkly-eyed. It does not necessarily have to be art prints, but the products will always be beautiful and humourous.

So what´s the thing with the moustache? We both LOVE it. Enjoy it. Laugh at it. Admire it. Have parties with it. The moustache is the true essence of our idea – decorative AND a little bit funny.”

Photos: One Must Dash


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