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Johan Andersson, designer from Stockholm, released a unique series of products with designs of his friend and mentor – the design icon Olle Eksell. The shop has trays, bags and prints with Olle’s design, which is a loving tribute to the man behind the now classic Mazetti-eyes.

“Over the years we knew each other, we talked often about developing a product line under his name”, said Johan Andersson, who runs the project. “(…) This is a tasteful collection of selected products in his honor, developed with the family Eksell. The focus is to continue to spread the mission of Olle Eksell and his beliefs,”

The website prodives much more than just products; as much time has been devoted to providing information about Olle and his ideas and ideals.You can find pictures, movies, lyrics and much more.

“For me, meeting  Olle was a life-changing experience. This website is, more than anything, a tribute to a friend.”

Johan Andersson, the creator of these pieces, was 22 years old when he moved to Stockholm to study advertising at the Bergh’s School of Communication. In a move that would be soon prove to be a life-changing experience, Johan looked up his “great hero” Olle Eksell’s number in the telephone directory, and then called him up the same day. Eksell was gracious enough to invite the young student home, and over coffee and cake, they talked about advertising, design and life. Johan says that Eksell became his mentor, friend and biggest inspiration, both professionally and as a human being. They both remained close friends, until Eksell passed away in 2007.

Good design is not just aesthetic – it’s also good economics. Good design is not just fun – it’s deadly serious. “Olle Eksell

About Olle Eksell (1918-2007)
Olle Eksell was a creator ahead of his time when he produced Sweden’s first corporate design identity for Mazetti, featuring the famous eyes. He was a great visionary as shown in his book, Design = Ekonomi (1964), where he clearly defined how design and economy go hand in hand.

“Good design is not just aesthetic – it is also good economy.  Good design is not just fun – it is bloody serious.”- Olle Eksell

Photos: olleeksell.se


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