Notknot by Icelandic Designer Ragnheiour Osp

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Ragnheiour Osp comes from a family of musicians “in a small town by the ocean in the southwest of .” She began playing music at a young age, but quickly discovered that her “unique love for objects was stronger,” and set out to create products “that would hopefully affect other people in the same way [her] collections of things affected [her].”

While all her pieces have a playful, tactile, handmade quality – from the “Sugar Farm” creatures to the cuddly yet strange “Friend Factory” – it’s her most recent design “” that caught our eyes. “Notknot” is a series of oversized, soft and cuddly-looking knots inspired by Osp’s fascination with scout knotting. “After looking through scout, nautical and decorative knots I really wanted to play with their sizes and see the the outcome of changing their textures and purpose… Its purpose, which is being strong and secure, changes to being comforting and warm, but at the same it holds its decorative value.”

These Notknot pillows will brighten up your living room! They are oversized knots made out of filled woolen cylinders. They are soft and warm and come in many beautiful colors. They are made and designed in Iceland.

Check out the designer’s website here.

Source: Design Applause
Photos: Umemi

Notknot-pillows-1 Notknot-pillows-3Notknot-pillowsNotknot-pillows-2


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  1. Andrew Turner
    24 Nov 2013 / 13:13

    Fans of Knotnot pillows in the UK can now buy them through Vökuró ( a new retailer set up to promote the most talented designers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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